Church at The Epicenter operates under the New Testament administration of a 5-Fold Ministry.  It is our firm belief that, in order for the glory of God (His presence and power) to be fully realized within His body, the church must be administrated the way it was established by Jesus Christ, in the New Testament.  (Ephesians 4)

Founding & Apostolic Head

Kyle Byrd      


Kyle is the Founding/Apostolic Elder of Church at The Epicenter.  In pursuit of a career in professional baseball, Kyle came to a crossroads in his life in 1985 ... professional sports or ministry.  Sensing the Lord's clear direction to sell out to his calling to ministry, he stepped off of the playing field and into the harvest field.  He was both licensed (1980) and ordained (1988) in into the Gospel ministry by his home church ... First Baptist Church in Kerens, TX.  Prior to moving to Burnet, he and his family lived in Sugar Land, TX.  Since 1989, Kyle has traveled the United States and the world preaching the Gospel to students and churches.  Through Front Line Ministries, Inc., the ministry organization that he founded in November of 1989, it is estimated that Kyle has ministered to over 3.5 million people in 45 of the 50 United States, representing 15 nations on 8 continents. 

Kyle and his wife, Robin, moved to Burnet in 2004.  They have 2 daughters, Jennifer and Kyla, both of whom are now married and live in the Houston area.  Brandon, their son, is a 2008 graduate of Burnet High school. He currently serves beside his father as a Sr. Leader in the areas of worship & prophetic ministries at The Epicenter.  Kyle, Robin, and their family have committed their lives to establishing this ministry in the Texas Hill Country.  By the power of Holy Spirit, and through the vision and passion the Lord has placed in Kyle's heart to reach, develop and empower people, the future is bright for Church at The Epicenter!


Worship & Prophetic Head

Brandon Byrd    


Brandon Byrd was born in November of 1989 in Sugar Land, Texas where his entire life has been spent around the ministry of Front Line Ministries with his father Kyle Byrd.  However, in January of 2011, he became a part OF the ministry!

Brandon grew up as an athlete, aspiring to play professional baseball. Through high school, he receiving multiple honors, including four all-star high school varsity years at Burnet High School in Burnet, Texas.  However, though Brandon headed to college on a baseball scholarship, because of a long history of hurt from "believers", Brandon was on a journey to find out who he was, and his life drastically shifted.  Having played the drums since childhood, Brandon began drumming and touring with multiple artists in the Texas country and rock scene and his life began to spiral downhill. One morning, Brandon woke up on his tour bus, decided enough was enough, and started turning his life around. During a regular night of hanging out with his friends, God chose to descend upon Brandon in a supernatural way.  That night, Brandon's life was changed forever.  He heard the call to become a minister of the Gospel, and he responded with a definitive "YES"!  Brandon was licensed and ordained into the Gospel ministry in 2012 by Church at The Epicenter and his calling is to wake up the modern day church to BECOME the weapons of righteousness that we were created to be.

Now, as the Sr. Leader over worship & prophetic activation ministries at Church at The Epicenter, Brandon and his wife Caitlin's desire is to usher young an old alike into the very person and presence of God through supernatural expressions of worship, teaching and arts.  Their passion is to see people set free by the Spirit of God, into their true identities ... so that they would experience not just another "day at church", rather, they would literally ENCOUNTER the Living God, and their lives would forever change to be a re-presentation of Jesus!


Pastoral Head & Pastoral ministries

Carl White   

The Whites.jpg

Carl & Delila White have invested a lifetime in Christian ministry. Carl attended Asbury Theological Seminary and Oral Roberts University for his education.  Delila is a registered nurse with a wide variety of experience.  They have four children and four grand children who are the center of their beautiful family.

The Whites found Church at The Epicenter in 2012.  Having purchased a home on Lake Buchanan a couple of years earlier, and believing they were settling in to "retire" after years of pastoral service across the country, and 2 years of missionary service in Italy.  However, it didn't take long after stepping into the the Epicenter family for them both to realize their ministry was FAR from over.  All of those years of pastoring and serving were merely the preparation years for what the Lord had for them at The Epicenter!

Carl now serves as the Pastoral Head, while Delila oversees the mission emphasis of the church.