We believe in ...

1. God the Father : the creator and sustainer of all creation; the One who has a plan and destiny for every created being.

2. Jesus the Son : the savior and redeemer of all fallen mankind; the One who, through His life, death, burial, and resurrection made it possible for every believer to be restored to His original, righteous state before a Holy God.

3. Holy Spirit : the teacher, comforter, and empowerer of every believer; the One who equips us to live victoriously in a fallen world by walking in the power and authority of Christ's completed work on the cross.


1. No irrelevant teaching
     We teach the word of God; not social issues!

2. No one stands alone
     Everyone is accepted; no judgement!

3. No religious pretense
     Real people; no "masks"!

4. No part time worship
      Worship is not a Sunday activity, but a 24/7 lifestyle!

5. No perfect people
      Only those desiring to be changed in Christ, by the power of Holy Spirit!



... where every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future!