"The E" Worship Team     We The Remnant

"The E" Worship Team

We The Remnant

In 2016, sensing the need to head a whole new direction with a radically different heartbeat, God assembled an entirely new group of musicians with a passion for MORE!

Comprised of 10 members, under the covering of Sr. Worship Leader Brandon Byrd, this "army" of musicians believes that the Word has never been more alive, and that the Lord is calling out a "remnant" from within the modern-day church to take a radical stand against the darkness of the world in these latter days. Offering a combination of some of the most cutting-edge contemporary Christian worship of today, along with some of their own originally written and arranged songs, our team strives to engage believers of all ages, as they challenge them to love God out-loud and unashamed!  With a full team of musicians, supported by phenomenal background vocalists and percussionists, Brandon and his team create a variety of settings in which worshippers can discover and thrive, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  From Brandon leading worship solo, to some unique combinations of the team, to the full band ... our worship team will be a blessing to all involved as they minister to you, both relationally and corporately.

We are now accepting worship team applications!

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