Easter in 3D


One of the most unique, yet powerful Resurrection Day services I’ve ever experienced yesterday at Church at The Epicenter ... “Easter in 3-D”.

The significance of the passion events of Christ were examined from 3 distinct perspectives ...

1) a pastoral perspective of the historical significance of Easter

2) a prophetic perspective of what God is saying to His people through Easter, today

3) an apostolic perspective of how Easter continues to open the door for the power of God to be made manifest amidst His Church all over the world

All integrated into some of the most powerful open-Heavens worship I’ve ever experienced on a Resurrection Day morning! And, to cover the unity and power of the morning, a house full of challenged, encouraged, and liberated believers shared in an intimate time of communion ... remembering and thanking Jesus for who He is, all He has done, and the promises that are yet to come!