Desperate For Jesus


Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. And blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. Listen in as Pastor Brandon delivers part 2 in this word of the Lord beckoning His Church to become Hungry and Thirsty again.

Hunger and Thirst


Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. And blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. Listen in as Pastor Brandon delivers this word of the Lord beckoning His Church to become Hungry and Thirsty again.

Dreams and Visions


Could it be that the reason so many believers live beneath their circumstances during the daytime hours, is that they’ve never learned how to gain victory over their circumstances during the nighttime hours?

Today, Pastor Kyle teaches on what the Lord has promised to do in and through His people, if they will learn how to “sleep”, according to His Word!

Words from the Lord ... Introduction to Upcoming Teaching on Dreams and Visions


We love it when the Spirit chooses to speak through multiple people during one of our Sunday morning services! This week we had multiple words and challenges from the Lord, as well as an introduction to what the Spirit is revealing to Pastor Kyle about things coming for the Body of Christ …

Are you aware that, scripturally, a “day” begins at sundown?  According to scripture a day is evening and morning, not morning and evening.  Why is that important?  Is it possible that a lack of understanding of the answer to that question could be the very thing that is keeping YOU from the greatest spiritual breakthrough you have ever experienced?

Easter in 3D


One of the most unique, yet powerful Resurrection Day services I’ve ever experienced yesterday at Church at The Epicenter ... “Easter in 3-D”.

The significance of the passion events of Christ were examined from 3 distinct perspectives ...

1) a pastoral perspective of the historical significance of Easter

2) a prophetic perspective of what God is saying to His people through Easter, today

3) an apostolic perspective of how Easter continues to open the door for the power of God to be made manifest amidst His Church all over the world

All integrated into some of the most powerful open-Heavens worship I’ve ever experienced on a Resurrection Day morning! And, to cover the unity and power of the morning, a house full of challenged, encouraged, and liberated believers shared in an intimate time of communion ... remembering and thanking Jesus for who He is, all He has done, and the promises that are yet to come!



Hope, in the biblical sense, is not mere “wishful thinking”.  On the contrary, biblical hope is rooted in the joyful anticipation of the goodness of God being released into your circumstances.  In other words, true hope enables you to rejoice BEFORE you see the outcome of your circumstances, even before you realize the answer to what you have been praying for!  It doesn’t deny the reality of struggles and pains, it simply denies the problems and pains a place of influence within you life!

We pray that hope rises in YOUR life, like it did in ours, as you listen to this powerful message!

No More Delay


Sunday, March 31st marked the end of the 1st quarter of this calendar year.  We have witnessed a supernatural  acceleration of spiritual activity within our household of faith, over the past 3 months.  

Listen in today as Pastor Kyle shares a word he received from the Lord concerning what has happened, is happening,  and what will be happening within the Church, as we move forward in 2019!

Awake or Asleep


When Jesus was asleep on the boat, the disciples were awake in fear of the waves that were crashing over. When Jesus was praying in the garden, the disciples couldn't keep their eyes open and fell asleep. With the things that are important to God, are you awake or asleep? Listen in as Pastor Kyle unpacks this loaded question.

In The Secret


This week, we unlocked a key to the Kingdom of Heaven. This principle has been something Pastor Brandon has been learning and growing in over the past 2 years, but something that has been revealed to be bigger than he ever knew over just the past 3 months. We hope you’ll join us in learning about the radical importance of having a life that dwells IN THE SECRET!

The Lost Language

Lost Language.jpg

What is the connection between Genesis 11, Exodus 13, Matthew 16, and Acts 2? Is it possible that one of the most controversial topics of the western culture Church is actually a key, fundamental piece of the Armor of God?

Listen in as Pastor Kyle unlocks a powerful revelation of the Kingdom with this message … The Lost Language.

Expanding the Family


So many churches speak of wanting a greater measure of God’s presence and power to be manifested in their church.  Around Church at The Epicenter, it has been taught and taught … the greater the Kingdom order, the greater the Kingdom honor; and the greater the Kingdom honor, the greater the presence of the King!

Today, we honor God’s appointment of a new elder an a new deacon within our household of faith.  Not only that, we honor ALL of the elders and deacons who serve the people of The E.  In addition, we commission a brand new partnership ministry, and share in the ordination of the 3 men called to lead that ministry forward into all God has set before them.

God-appointed servants who are willing to lay down their lives to answer the call … the essence of true leadership!  

A New Era

New Era.jpg

God is re-establishing the government of His Kingdom upon this earth, and there is about to be a demonstration of the SUPERIOR over the inferior, unlike anything that has ever been witnessed among mankind.

Are you positioned and prepared to be a part of The New Era of Glory?

Wise Men Still Travel


Seldom do people find what they are crying out for, when they cling to what they already have!  Through the prophet Jeremiah, God promises …

You will find Me, if your SEEK ME WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART.”  (Jeremiah 29:13)

The key to “finding” the Lord is, and has always been the same … a sincere, focused, humble and pure heart.  We must INTENTIONALLY set aside time for Him in our busy lives, and make room for Him in our hearts.  Often times, that kind of “seeking” will demand that we move well beyond our comfort zones; a willingness to sacrifice those worldly things that make our daily lives so “convenient”.

Listen in today, as Pastor Kyle challenges us to SEEK GOD with all that we have in 2019!

The Purpose of Favor

The Speed of Favor (starburst).jpg

Despite much of today’s popular teaching, favor is not “for your sake”; rather, its “for the sake of” … others!  Regardless of what form the favor of God takes in a believer’s life, it is never God’s intent that His favor end with you.  On the contrary, God trusts His favor TO you, that it might flow THROUGH you for the sake of others.

Listen in today as Pastor Kyle challenges us to rightly STEWARD all we have already received from God, that we might learn to live at … The Speed of Favor!  

2019 Vision Sunday

speed of favor 3.jpg

Each year, on the Sunday following “New Year’s Sunday”, we celebrate what we call “Vision Sunday” … the morning where Pastor Kyle releases the word God has given him for the people of Church at The Epicenter, for the coming year.  This has become one of the most exciting days of each calendar year, as the Body of Christ rallies around a unified vision of what the Lord has in store for us in the days ahead.

Just like, in the physical realm, there is “The Speed of Sound” and “The Speed of Light”, today we are challenged to consider that, in the spiritual realm, there is “The Speed of Favor” … a divine pace at which God sovereignly releases and increases His favor upon His people.  However, while God LOVES all people the same, not everyone chooses to live at The Speed of Favor!