The Moreness of God



Revival flows perpetually from the heart of God to all of humanity. The question is not the existence of The River; the question is, are you willing to jump in?

Listen in as Pastor Kyle introduces a new series of challeneges entitled ... The Moreness of God!

X Marks The Spot


x marks the spot name.jpg

We all have struggles that we are looking to God to overcome. His spiritual release, however, comes by your physical obedience. Your breakthrough to become the church comes when you decide to participate in the process. Join us as Pastor Brandon shows just how simple Jesus made the process.

From all of us at The E to all the moms out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

People of the River


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Have you felt like Jesus is leading you into paths to make you more like him? Maybe this path is brand new and you're not sure what it is supposed to look like. Listen in as Pastor CJ shares what it's like to be people of the river of God.


Sunday morning celebration Service


We have all probably heard, at some point in our walk, a phrase similar to this, "the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, as a believer, now lives in you." What an amazingly true statement! But what good is it to us if we don't know how to rightly host that kind of power? It's not just a good catch phrase, it's a world changing truth! 

Listen in as Pastor Kyle concludes this series ... Transformational Power

The Commission

Easter Sunday Celebration service


From all of us at The E, we hope you had an amazing Easter. Or, as we like to call it ...Resurrection Day. He Is Risen!

Listen in as Pastor Kyle challenges us to understand that "Easter" is NOT merely a time to memorialize a past event ... the resurrection of Christ, but it a time for us to advance our commitment to walk in the power of His resurrection ... here & now!

The Context

Sunday morning celebration Service

Transformational Power.jpg

As the sons & daughters of God, we are not granted the power and authority of our Kingdom for mere "btagging rights"; we are assigned to DO something with it!  Listen as Pastor Kyle begins a new series of messages aimed at re-launching the church into its intended purpose ... transforming the world!

Not My Baggage

Sunday morning celebration Service

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As children of God, we were created to run the race set before us and WIN! Western culture has twisted our mission and has called the christian life a marathon. That's not true. We were created to run and win. The issue, often times, is that we carry so much worldly baggage that we get tripped up. Listen is as Pastor Brandon explains how we can drop the baggage and RUN TO WIN! 

The Valley of the Shadow

Sunday morning celebration Service


It's easy to follow God in the highs of life, when you feel like you are soaring on eagles wings. But what about when you are in the valley; in the shadows of life? Listen in as Pastor Kyle begins to reveal the power of walking in the promises of The Shepherd!

Sleep On It

Sunday morning celebration Service

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Often times in life we come to a crossroads and feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. What if you were on the edge of your biggest revelation? Listen in as Pastor Brandon Byrd shares a different perspective on Jacob's dream in the wilderness, and how God says that we can re-purpose our struggles to set us up for victory!

Agape Love (part 1)

Sunday Night teaching Service


If you were to take a look into your past, you may think that you don't have very many God memories.  Listen in as Pastor CJ Weisinger not only challenges us to see that we have more God memories then we think, but that God has always been there and His AGAPE love has never left your side.

Breaking the Masquerade

Sunday morning celebration Service

Breaking the Masquerade.jpg

"As Sons and Daughters, we have inherited a birthright that entitles us to a life of abundance. Yet, so often, we trade our birthright for a bowl of soup and pretend to be someone we're not. God can't bless who you pretend to be, but he's waiting to bless who you were born to be." Pastor Brandon Byrd