educational LEADERS & Ministries


Mountain Movers Kingdom Activation

Brandon & Caitlin Byrd   

BC Byrds.jpg

Mountain Movers is a Sunday afternoon equipping ministry targeting those who have progressed through the early stages of "education" in the Word, and are ready to start ACTIVATING what they have learned into a true Kingdom lifestyle!   This is a vital part of the Christian life that is often overlooked or "assumed" within many churches ... but not at The E!

Pastors Brandon & Caitlin Byrd are a young couple who have TONS to offer in this area of spiritual growth.  Great fellowship, exciting learning, empowering discussion and supernatural activation are all vital in defining what it means to be a Spirit-filled son or daughter of God, who possesses the power to change the world!  Mountain Movers is , well ... supernaturally mountain-moving!

kingdom women / Women’s Ministry

Liz Catlin    

Liz Catlin.jpg

Ladies ... you haven't lived until you have experienced the ministry of SWAT!  Our comprehensive women's ministry is certainly among the strongest offerings of our church.

Under the leadership of Pastor Liz Catlin, this group of ladies sets the pace in the hill country for fun, food, fellowship, and a FANATICAL pursuit of being the women of God they were created to be!

You will not only want to be connected to this group, you NEED to be!  You experience encouragement, and your life will be enhanced by engaging with SWAT!


Kingdom Men / Men’s ministry

Charles Jones   

Charles Jones.jpg

Charles Jones loves leading our Band of Brothers into powerful encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ, with other men, and with their destiny to become the men, the husbands, the fathers, and the leaders they were created to be.

At Church at The Epicenter, we believe that God has called every man to lead ... to be a man of integrity in his own walk, to lead his wife within a Godly marriage, to lead his children as a Godly father, to be a leader within the church, and to have Godly influence within the community.

Join our BOBs every week, as we strive to fulfill that calling ... together!

Kingdom Builders Mission's ministry

Delila White


Church at The Epicenter is an Acts 1:8 church ... called to be Kingdom Builders  "in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the world".

WE BELIEVE IN MISSIONS!  Under the leadership of Delila White (Pastors Carl & Delila White are former missionaries to Italy), we are committed to reaching our Jerusalem (Burnet County), our Judea (the State of Texas), our Samaria (the United States), and the uttermost parts of the world (the nations) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Church at The Epicenter currently supports and is engaged with 2 home missionaries, and with 4 foreign missionaries, and will be planting our first international church in August of 2018 ... Epicenter-Kathipudi (India).

First Touch Meet & Greet Ministry


Geoff .jpg

Possibly, some of the most overlooked and underestimated ministers of ANY church are the men and women who meet & greet every person ho walks through the doors!  That is why Deacon Geoff McKee and his First Touch team are among the most emphasized at Church at The Epicenter!

Through the years, visitors who have chosen to become a part of The Epicenter family have told us that it all started with "that hug" or "that handshake that I received when I first set foot in your building"!

Don't believe us?  Come and see for yourself!

Church administration

robin byrd     


The CATE facility is used for something, 7 days-a-week, just about 365 days-a-year!  Without the steady, administrative hand of our "First Lady" ... Robin Byrd, THAT would be complete chaos!

Just look at THIS page!  Can you imagine trying to coordinate all of the CATE ministries?  Not to mention all of the other church and outside events that somehow involve our people, our leaders, and/or our facilities. 

If it happens at Church at The Epicenter, or involves any combination of our people or our facilities, it all starts with 5 very important words ... "Have you talked to Robin"?

Free Indeed Prison Ministry

Charles Jones   

The Jones.jpg

Church at The Epicenter believes in the potential of every man.  That is why, under the leadership of Pastor Charles Jones, our Free Indeed ministry to the incarcerated is thriving. 

Structured as a one-on-one ministry with the men currently serving in the Burnet County jail system, we are seeing lives changed one heart at a time.  In some cases, we see men released, after serving their time, to step out into a new life ... now with the hope of Christ in place!  And, even for those serving longer sentences, the hope of Christ they find through the ministry of the men of Free Indeed continues to prove invaluable ... even eternal! 

In-House calendar / Media / Technology

Karen Jones    

Karen Jones.jpg

Church at The Epicenter places a HIGH priority on EXCELLENCE when it comes to printed and electronic media.  Karen "Special K" Jones is a media technology program trainer for the hill country's mega-healthcare provider Baylor Scott and White.  But she will be the first to tell you that her job with BS&W is merely the means by which she "funds" her passion ... serving the people of Church at The Epicenter!

Anytime you are in need of our facility, fellowshipping with a ministry in our facility, or read about the ministries of CATE in our local media outlets, you will QUICKLY see the value of Special K in our midst.  She definitely makes our church "look" good ... both inside the doors and outside the walls! 

Social Media & Graphic Design

Caitlin Byrd


With her M.B.A. from Liberty University and her Bachelors degree in Marketing from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Caitlin Byrd has an eye for how to make sure everyone knows what is going on within the walls of Church at The Epicenter. In a world driven by technology and social media, Caitlin strives to create the best graphics and fresh media to keep everyone updated. 

As a neurophysiologist in the medical world, Caitlin understands the importance of paying attention to detail. It is her passion and service to "The E" to make sure that we present you with unified and detailed information as well as a sharp, clean and fresh design that reflects the commitment to excellence that permeates the culture at The E!

Building & grounds

Jacob Tarver

Jacob Tarver.jpg

Every church needs a Jacob Tarver ... a man who can just hang-out around the church during the day and make sure that everything is in good-working order!  Church at The Epicenter is blessed to have a true "jack-of-all-trades" in our midst.

With the love of God in his heart, and the servant-mindedness of Jesus in his spirit, anyone who meets Jacob will quickly realize he doesn't do what he does because he "has to"; rather, because it brings him joy!

The property and facilities of Church at The Epicenter will be stewarded well under the watchful eye and the skilled hands of Deacon Jacob Tarver!