The Heartbeat of the Church at the Epicenter

2018 Classroom courses


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cate culture

SUNDAYs 9:00am

This course is the perfect place for anyone that is interested in joining our family, but is wanting to learn more about our history, our roots and what we believe.  We explain how the church was planted, the history of our growth, our foundational beliefs, how our church is governed, our approach to worship, and how it all is established upon an uncompromising committment to the infallibale & inerrant Word of God.           


Mountain movers

Sundays 2:00pm

Mountain Movers is a Sunday afternoon ministry targeted at those who have progressed through the early stages of "education" in the Word, and are ready to start ACTIVATING what they have learned into a true Kingdom lifestyle!   This is a vital part of the Christian life that is often overlooked or "assumed" within many churches ... not at The E!  We challenge our people to not be just hearers, but DOERS!


Footsteps of freedom

Mondays 7:00pm

An 8-week confrontation with one of the most difficult issues a person will ever face ... how to move beyond my past into the fullness of the Christian life.