Cultivate Revival

Sunday Night Worship Service


Again tonight, The E welcomed our good friend, Pastor Charles Patterson, to continue his teaching on the mindset of a revival culture. Listen in as we are challenged to examine out thoughts about the activity of God among His people!


Sunday Morning Celebration Service

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Listen in as Pastor Kyle concludes his series on Understanding Royalty, by showing us what it means to reign as heirs to the Kingdom of God. Also, as a bonus to you who have joined our fellowship through the weekly podcast, listen as we hear from our Sr. Worship Leaders, Brandon & Caitlin Byrd, about their experience in leading worship for the nation at Awaken The Dawn in Washington D.C.


Sunday Morning Celebration Service


The Bible teaches that those of us who have placed our faith and trust in Jesus are now sons and daughters of the King. That means we are Royalty. Join us as Pastor Kyle teaches on the PRIORITIES that are involved in understanding royalty.

A Day of Obedience

Sunday Morning Worship Service


Weeks ago, pastor Kyle heard the date "September 10" as a day that was going to bring some significance into our body at The E. After talking to leaders within our family, we agreed that it was going to be a special day and we needed to be ready to offer the Lord's Supper, and we were to be prepared to baptize.

The morning of the 10th arrived, we knew immediately that it was going to be a powerful morning as the enemy was trying to stop us at every corner. Listen in as Pastor Kyle preaches against Satan's attempt to stop what the Lord had already started.

VICTORY REPORT: 45 people got baptized without hesitation ... in their street clothes! God is Good!

God in the Midst of Trouble

Sunday Morning Worship Service

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With the current events of Hurricane Harvey, there are a lot of questions of "where is God in all of this?" "Why would He do such a thing?" Listen in as Pastor Carl White answers those questions and more. Also, join with us as we pray for the restoration of Houston and against the oncoming Hurricane.

The Power of Revelation

Sunday Morning Worship Service

REVELATION ... God-ordained understanding that is released upon a believer, that he/she might rightly understand what has already been written in the word of God. Listen in as we learn how revelation expands understanding, so that we might know where our faith can travel!

A Morning of Ministry

Sunday Morning Worship Service

Sometimes God wants to show His Church the truth and not just speak it through the words of men. Listen in as, this week, God did a little bit of both. It's impossible to capture the true atmosphere of what took place in our House this week, but we pray that you can at least get a taste and see how good our God is.