Church at The Epicenter operates under the New Testament administration of a 5-Fold Ministry.  It is our firm belief that, in order for the glory of God (His presence and power) to be fully realized within His body, the church must be administrated the way it was established by Jesus Christ, in the New Testament.  (Ephesians 4)


We believe in ...

1. God the Father : the creator and sustainer of all creation; the One who has a plan and destiny for every created being.

2. Jesus the Son : the savior and redeemer of all fallen mankind; the One who, through His life, death, burial, and resurrection made it possible for every believer to be restored to His original, righteous state before a Holy God.

3. Holy Spirit : the teacher, comforter, and empowerer of every believer; the One who equips us to live victoriously in a fallen world by walking in the power and authority of Christ's completed work on the cross.