Lead Elder

Kyle Byrd     pastor@churchattheepicenter.org



The governing policies and principles of Church at The Epicenter stipulate that the apostolic leader is to be a perpetual member of the elder body, serving as Lead Elder among the active elders.  Serving as such, it is Kyle's responsibility to set and lead in the administration of both the spiritual and structural vision of the church.  With 10 years of previous experience on church staffs, coupled with his 30+ years of experience in working with churches all over the world through his travels with Front Line Ministries, Kyle brings an accomplished and unique perspective to the leadership of Church at The Epicenter.

As the "founder" of Church at The Epicenter, Kyle has had the unique privilege of serving alongside and growing with every elder that has ever served the church.  This has proven to be an invaluable tool in developing a spirit of unity and service that permeates the elders of The Epicenter.



Shane Gindrup     shane.gindrup@churchattheepicenter.org











Larry Morrison     larry.morrison@churchattheepicenter.org



Larry and Vickie Morrison moved to Burnet from Atlanta, Georgia in 2009.  Moving to be near their children and grandchildren in Austin, they chose Burnet as home rather than living in the city again.  

One visit was all it took for the Morrison's to realize that they had been led to Burnet for more than just a relocation ... God had led them here to join the Epicenter family.  Larry's passion for writing and teaching made it obvious, very quickly, that he had much to offer the people of Church at The Epicenter.  Licensed and ordained into the Gospel ministry in 2010, Larry joined the pastoral staff as Teaching Pastor and overseer of all small group ministries.

A former technical writer for Northwest Airlines, Larry now writes on Kingdom topics.  Though not working in aviation any longer, he is still an airplane nut and is literally building an airplane in his shop!  Vickie is a retired math teacher and devotes some of her time to tutoring home-schooled students at the middle school and high school levels.



Ferrill Standage     ferrill.standage@churchattheepicenter.org



Ferrill and Shirley Standage moved to Kingsland, TX in 2010.  They, too, believed that they were moving to Texas to retire.  It took only 1 visit to Church at The Epicenter for them to realize that God had much more for them to accomplish!

Ferrill Standage was raised in Kansas.  He was in public school education for 36 years.  Following retirement from education, he accepted the call to serve as associate pastor in his church in Hayes, Kansas.  Since that time, Ferrill has dedicated his life to serving the people of God through the local church.  He currently serves the pastor over community and benevolent relations. 

Shirley, too, a retired educator, serves alongside Ferrill in all areas of his ministry to the people of the church and community.  Ferrill and Shirley have two children who live in Colorado.



Lyle Kaye     lyle.kaye@churchattheepicenter.org



Lyle and Shirley Kaye moved to Burnet in 2006.  Both are retired high school teachers.  They have eight adult children and eight grandchildren.  They enjoy traveling in their RV and working outside when time permits. 

The Kayes joined Church at The Epicenter in 2010.  In that same year, it was established within the governing policies and procedures of the church that, in order to be ordained into the eldership of the church, a man must serve for one (1) year in an "elder elect" status.  In 2013, Lyle was the first to be nominated and to serve in that status.  After faithfully serving his year as elder elect,  Lyle was ordained into eldership in 2015.

The Epicenter family is a prayer come true for the Kayes.  Within the church family, they found kind, loving, ordinary people who desire to love and worship our Lord. The Kayes will testify that God is at work in powerful ways at The Epicenter.



Carl White     carl.white@churchattheepicenter.org



Carl & Delila White have invested a lifetime in Christian ministry. Carl attended Asbury Theological Seminary and Oral Roberts University for his education.  Delila is a registered nurse with a wide variety of experience.  They have four children and four grand children who are the center of their beautiful family.

The Whites found Church at The Epicenter in 2012.  Having purchased a home on Lake Buchanan a couple of years earlier, and believing they were settling in to "retire" after years of pastoral service across the country, and 2 years of missionary service in Italy.  However, it didn't take long after stepping into the the Epicenter family for them both to realize their ministry was FAR from over.  All of those years of pastoring and serving were merely the preparation years for what the Lord had for them at The Epicenter!

Carl now serves as the Pastor, and Delila oversees the mission emphasis of the church.